Products reviews

As I mentioned earlier we need to read all the labels of the products that we consume. Even if they say they are “fit” they might have more sugars than “normal” version of the same products. I will try to review some of the most popular items so it’s easier for you to choose.
First of all… drinks. Which should you choose ?

We are flooded with Starbucks, Costas, MacDonalds… All of them are bombarding us with their products. Cinnamon caramel cappuccino: how promising it sounds ! Though you would need to run for 50 min in order to burn all the calories it contains ! What is more if you think that you need some coffee to wake you up, this drink will not. The amount of caffeine is nothing in comparison to sugar and milk. Better pick espresso or Americano. Instead of sugar use natural sweetener like stevia or just cinnamon.

When it comes to cold drinks then again : read labels. Pick the best of the worst. Don’t pick juices (as then the amount of fibre is very small), rather go for green smoothies. If you want water, go for it as much as you wish. Although add some lemon juice to it. It will not only aids digestion and encourages the production of bile, but it will also flush toxins out of your body. As on the airport it might be hard to get lemon, then get some lemon juice water ( again read the label and pick the one that has the smallest amount of sugars).



Don’t forget about your mental health

While talking about health most of us think about our bodies, but we need to remember about our mind. We need to balance this two parts. Mind is part of our body, and if we don’t take proper care about it we will not be truly healthy. If you have difficulties with falling asleep every time in new city, in new bed meditation will definitively help you. Of course you can think, how could I incorporate even more things in my busy business-driven lifestyle? Don’t worry it’s not a commitment for half an hour. 10 minutes would be more then enough and thanks to that you will fall asleep in 5 minutes instead of an hour. I’ve tried few apps and the best one is Headspace. It has clean layout which makes it easy to navigate. You have 30 days of complementary training and after that you can pick what you are mores interested in either you want to become more creative or maybe work on your stress. Despite this the inventor of the app who is guiding you through each session is having the calmest voice in the whole world. He is not forcing you to do anything and sometimes you are questioning yourself if he is not reading your mind ! Try it today and let me know how meditation worked for you 🙂


Useful apps and websites

Few posts before one of the tips I gave you was to treat your hotel room as a gym. Here are some recommendations on how to exercise without any equipment 🙂

First of all app called Seven. You have set of 10 different workouts. Each one lasts for 7 minutes which are broken down to 30 second of high intensity exercises and 10 second break. Mix and match the ones that you like the most !  It’s amazing, and what is interesting there is a research showing that the maximal effects of exercises is after 21 minutes. Training more doesn’t give us much more effects. So put the minimal effort to get the maximal effect that is what I think all of us wants 🙂

My second recommendation is app of Nike+ for running. Even though it has some disadvantages, it’s nicer from all it’s competitors. For start it will be perfect and if you become more into running you can look for more advanced equipment.

Third recommendation is a website that I’ve already mentioned but wanted to emphasise how useful it is : You can find there loads of information about health and fitness. For example:


Fun and fit 

Time on Your business trip is very limited: you have meetings, dinners, sightseeing…. Where to fit in fitness ? The only answer is to entwine it with things that you are already doing. Instead of just sightseeing, you might start running around the new town and discover it slowly. What is more try to organize the meeting in the same place, or nearby – you will save some time on traveling which you can use for fitness afterwards. What is more, if the meeting is unofficial propose a game of squash, tennis or climbing. Thanks to endorphins that will be released while exercising you will probably close a deal over a refreshing drink that would follow exhausting match 🙂 So don’t wait and have a closer look at different option in the town you are visiting. If you still have difficulties maybe ask in your hotel for sure they will know places like this.


Make a gym out of your hotel room !

Even though nowadays most of the hotels have gyms in their offers it’s still not that common for visitors to use it. Why ? Well you give me an answer. Is is that you are too tired when you are coming back from meeting ? Or maybe the gym is closed already ? Maybe you feel that there is no sense into going for only 30 min ? Whatever is your excuse – let it be. I got different solution for you. Just exercises in your room. Here is a set of simple, requiring none equipment exercises that should take you no longer than 30 min. Nobody will see you and judge, at the same time you might be watching news and you don’t need any special clothes 🙂
*If you don’t like this ones just search on Pinterest “exercises without equipment” and there will be thousands you can choose from !

Useful links: (you could use some equipment, though if you omit, the effects still could be noticed)


What to eat ? 

Remember staying healthy is composed 20% of exercises and 80% of what you eat ! You are what you eat in fact.  Nowadays trends like Paleo and gluten-free diets are emerging there is a reason for that. Food that we are eating is hugely processed. A big part is genetically modified (where genes from the DNA of one species are extracted and artificially forced into the genes of an unrelated plant or animal) or there is added a lot of chemicals to make it look better and stay fresh longer. When we are at home and Whole foods is just around a corner its easy to pick up only the good food. It gets harder when we are travelling. Nevertheless you can more (or less) pick the good food when you are on business trip as well. Here are some few points to keep in mind:

1) while traveling take a simple and healthy snacks from home (cut vegetables, fruits, make your own sandwich!). If you lack ideas you can find a lot of quick, cheap and healthy recipes on Pintrest or Google 🙂

2) try to eat before and after the plane rather then during your flight. The food in the plane is not only limited in choice but also highly processed. Of course if your flight is long then try to eat the healthiest possible options : salads, meats. Before you enter the plane try to eat something on the airport. There is always a wide selection of restaurants and cafés.

3) always look at labels ! Even though a Product can look “fit” it might be just a scam. If it have a lot of sugars (sweeteners are especially bad for you) and chemicals like (Synthetic Trans Fats,  Artificial Flavors, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), Artificial Colors) do not pick it.

Here are some posts that you might find useful :


Why should we stay healthy and fit ?

We have more and more busy lifestyles.. we need to balance work, friends, family, education, parties, health and on top of that fitness ! Isn’t that mad ? How could we success in all this parts and not get crazy ? Don’t worry it’s much more simple than it seems. Of course at the beginning it will be difficult but you just need to transforms some of your bad habits into good ones with few simple tricks. Step by step, habit by habit. You just need to organise your life and I will help you in doing that. You will achieve more, be happier and calmer – healthy body is first step in that. In a healthy body there is healthy mind.. First and most important step is to make the decision about the change ! Remember everything starts in your head- when you believe you can do it, you will. Everything is possible, just believe in yourself. Nowadays there are thousands of gadgets, apps, blogs and restaurants that will help you in achieving your aim. You just need to open your eyes for it. Now consider this blog as compliance of different guidelines that you can mix and match. Pick only the ones that you like and you think are most relevant. Organising your life doesn’t mean you should loose enjoyment in everyday life. Last but not least – give me your feedback. Next few posts will be general and describing the most basic techniques. I would like to know what works the best for you, what not so then I can constructs new posts that would be perfectly fitted for you 🙂 Hope to hear soon from you ! Klaud xx